Where can you go when there is a mist before you?

Where can you hide when there is the sea of unknown terror under your feet?

Where can you relieve those thousands of boulders sitting upon your chest?

What can you do when you’re on the edge of the skyscraper, ready to dive into the endless land of pins and needles?

You run, faster and stronger than ever towards no destination but a deserted land of nothingness. Trying to feel the strips of wind slapping against your skin, you sprint. Yet why does it feel so heavy, so tiresome, so empty?

There is no habitable place ahead, not even the slightest mirage visible. You keep running.


It’s been awhile since my last encounter with a person whose passion for learning is so intensely genuine. As I listen to her talk about things – just general topics about essentially anything – I can see her passion towards pursuing knowledge and her will to inspire others to do the same. It’s safe to say that my respect for her has grown quite profoundly since the last time we met.

Whether it may be the logistics of or a theory behind a subject, we learn something everyday. It is always our pleasure to be taught something and in return, we share what we know as well. It may seem obvious to many but it’s what improves us as human beings and as a society. Ultimately, it’s what makes the world go around.

Love education, love knowledge, but most importantly, love wisdom.

It’s so much more spiritually fulfilling when you’re engaged in a conversation of quality rather than quantity. So what if it’s four hours long in a restaurant when it is merely one-sided? I find it mind blowing to know that one has the patience to listen to four hours of insignificant details of someone’s life. There is a limit to learning about a friend. When the exchange is minimal and almost purely one-sided, or when you’re sharing your story and you only get what they did last summer or something related to purely themselves in return, I believe it is time to reconsider your friends. As the saying goes (and as cliche as it may sound), the world doesn’t revolve around you. One can only learn when one wants to learn, meaning that he or she steps out of their little circle of their own little world and attempt to learn how to make a proper conversation, MEANING he or she listens and engages in what the person is actually saying.

Simply put, I want to say that the world does need more listeners. It is unfortunate that the saying has been around for quite some time now but still effective to this day, if not increasingly applicable as days go by. I know humans are selfish beings but there is a fine line between selfish and self-centered (to the point of egotism). I may not be an expert in making conversations; in fact, I don’t have a clue when it comes to initiating and continuing an interesting exchange with another but what I do know from experience is that listening to someone talk about themselves the entire time is somewhat tiresome and frustrating.

Perhaps my rant seems too critical. Perhaps this is how the world functions: the talkers and the listeners. Perhaps without the talkers, there wouldn’t be listeners, thereby no conversations at all. However, it is difficult for me to accept that this is how the world is. Really? Can they think about other things other than themselves? There are always ideas to talk about, like how the design and packaging of a product reflect consumerism, or everyone living with chips in their heads that control their personality, muscle strength, abilities and skills, etc. There are current events to talk about, like how the recent deceased North Korean dictator is being ridiculed by the media (most prominently on on social networking sites) as opposed to a moment of silence, a few prayers out of who knows what the intention may be; or the increasing death toll in the Philippines and how much assistance they need in order to get the place back up and running once again.

Isn’t it incredibly sad that I have to say all this on the internet to people who don’t even know me? What happened to actual conversations (which, by the way, are interrupted or distracted by the use of mobile phones right in their faces, so close that you can use their necks and heads as tables, when conversations are actually existent but that is a whole other issue with social etiquette.)?

What happened to respecting your fellow mates? What happened to “being a good company”? What happened to trust? What happened to being selfless?

What happened to our generation?

The slightest smile, smallest conversation with a stranger at a cafe can make your day. It’s as if you’re worthy of attention in an otherwise forgettable place. Regardless of their intentions or sincerity, the simple gesture of asking how your day is really puts a smile on your face. It’s the little things like this make life return to its initial simplicity.


If we don’t intend to look for things, they just come as surprises, both good and bad. What’s really fascinating about life is not because of our innate ability to survive, but the simple details that come across your path every day that makes what life the way it is. Unexpected reactions, coincidences, and opportunities that just so happen to occur on a particular day. Who knows, who knows.

It’s the mystery of the future that makes life so meaningful. If we knew our future, we wouldn’t be sitting here, dreaming big. It’s funny how despite all that, we humans yearn to know what’s in for us. We thrive for knowledge to the extent where we disregard the importance of enigma…then again, I suppose it is all in our nature.


There are people who are infinitely talented at making someone feel like shit unknowingly. We can’t despise them for who they are, especially when they did nothing wrong. They are merely sharing their happiness with you, and you return that happiness wholeheartedly.

Yet sometimes the dark devil of your mind refuses to leave. What do you do then?