Monthly Archives: August 2012

The tingle dancing on your tongue as you sip on the Pink Kiss martini. Light, yet playful. A flirtatious sensation that pleasures your senses. A soft, conversational buzz surrounds you as you indulge in the advances of your one-time companion; Solitude is alone tonight.

Words were being unfriendly at first. It was as if they had ropes and chains with them, right within their hands, awaiting for the perfect opportunity to tie you down with all their might. The ropes were tight, stretched, ready to wind themselves around their prey. Yet within a crucial moment and the right appearance of a phrase, they shatter into frozen fragments of ultimately nothingness. Colours poured through our voices, painting our conversation with a variety of hues. Our sounds resonated in complete synchronization, throwing the once stagnant air into full motion. It was as if nothing could stop this explosion of an exchange, not even time.

My physical form never moved so freely in such a confined space before. It carried itself in waves, starting from the bottom as it naturally pushes up in a matter of seconds. Under the strobe lights, my heavy, exhausted body succumbed to the illusion of zero gravity. Hands waved everywhere, feet walked on air. The presence of perspiration became a mere triviality.

I was motioning towards him, hoping to catch him before he leaves. He was glancing, as if willing to be caught. Timing is key, however. I exchanged my contact information with another instead. Standing there, with another’s name and email address in hand, an invisible but nonetheless overwhelming void opens within me. The revelation of losing the opportunity to keep a great friend hits. I guess I missed my chance, but I try to remain optimistic about the future.