Monthly Archives: May 2012

Sometimes I can’t help but compare my current surroundings to the one I grew up in as a child. Things here are so peaceful, yet still retain that buzz of a city, bustling with working people every day. You close your eyes and listen intently to those leaves blowing above you while feeling the gentle touch of those wisps of your hair. The soul within you doesn’t seem to stir to anything, not even to the distant sirens or that barking dog down the street.

Yet it is hard to imagine one, being in their teens, would understand the concept of reconnection with that essence within an individual. Perhaps we are still in the daze of life around us, dancing so vividly with colors. We spend the energy on the spinning, twirling, focusing on our physical movements and failing to realize that our physical are influenced by our mental self.  It, being the soul, becomes a lonely one, basking in the ambiance of solitude.

Whatever happens then?

You close your eyes again, this time in a place without a single sound, no sound but the steady rhythm of your own breathing. Vibrant images of what you saw earlier today linger in your mind; they don’t seem to settle, only pacing back and forth restlessly. Don’t think, suppress the urge to recall and recollect. Think, concentrate nothing but your long, pulsing breaths…sense the musicality in the rhythm, those steady beats of which can only be produced by you. As you cushion yourself in the trance of your own breaths, you feel weightless and eventually, at peace.

Your cellphone rings. Your eyes shoot open and without fail, they aim for the confirmation of a “linear” measurement that dictates our sense of time: the clock. Who knew it had already been 15 minutes.