That random thread in a random web

It’s that feeling where you have a strong urge nipping at your mind almost every single moment, telling you to disconnect yourself from everyone from your past. But of course, there will always be something harder to handle than the rest – in other words, a “bitch” – in almost every possible situation, which in this case, is morality. Seeing as how I don’t want to deal with any jerks at the moment, I will spare you from all this morality crap. Yes, we know it’s not exactly the best decision to cut your ties, especially when they have committed nothing wrong and “got no beef with you”.

But what if the collective presence of and occasional interaction with all these individuals hold painful memories of the past? What would you do then? Do we still have to consider their feelings if we feel disrespected and hurt by them? Or do we take the high road, respect them as acquaintances/friends regardless of what they unknowingly do to you?


On a lighter note, I bought a jar of gumballs from Chapters.

  1. …do you need them? And I apologise for the extension of the metaphor you have commented on at my site but, why should you be deprived of your road, if you know where it is going?

    • metapham said:

      Sorry for the late reply.
      Perhaps I am confused by the different paths that diverge from the road.

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