Frankly, I’d rather spend a day or a week with children and a lifetime with pet animals. Teens are punk-asses, disrespectful, complicated, shallow, or think they just know everything about life. Adults are mature, but they are so used to how the world works that at times, they don’t grasp the concept of curiosity. Yet I’m most afraid of not being simple enough, being the teen aforementioned, and becoming the adult as I live through life everyday. Things devoid of meaning, perhaps a bit of dulled interest here and there as well.

You know what’s awesome about hanging with children? They can talk about anything, from poop to how they think the earth is formed, or maybe about a character they want to be, or hypothetical situations like being a fish in the deep, blue sea. The beauty of children is that they’re versatile. They’re like the blank sheet of paper, ready to be painted with colors but not quite prepared to choose the suitable tone, hue, or even the shade. And guess what, you have fun talking about nonsensical things. You don’t have to care whether or not they have to be true. Most importantly, when you pinkie-promise a child, he/she would most likely keep it safe ’til you fulfill that promise. You can trust them.

And a lifetime with pet animals is something I would love to do. They are simple; you give them the affection and care they need, they will return it in their own ways. I suppose you can say that human relationships are similar, but no, it’s different.

However, if I really were to interact with a human being, then I must confess: I yearn for intellectual conversations with a stunning passion. You know, the ability to sit and talk just about anything with one person. Time and place won’t be an issue.


…Who knows, we might as well be in bathroom stalls and discussing the essence of love.

  1. I always read blogs, I like, out loud because a master at school once told us that if doesn’t make sense when read out loud, its bad english so I got into the habit of reading my own words before release. Also hearing someone else read it has more impact to the writer, so its recorded and sitting on my desktop if you want it?

    • metapham said:

      Sorry for the late reply.
      It’s very kind of you to do that and I’ll be certainly grateful to listen to it. :)

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