My condolences to those who lost someone dear due to the bombing and shooting massacre in Oslo, Norway. Being one who only got wind of this briefly on the news yesterday, I can only stand here and be perplexed by this man: Anders Behring Breivik.

Why such inhumanity?

Apparently, Breivik plotted this “killing spree” for 9 years. That’s just sickening. Perhaps in spite of appearing as an average working Norwegian citizen, he, as one of the many, hold a grudge towards the government, the world, or humanity. He might have wanted to see the world in rubble, starting at a small point to work with and then extend his operation to other parts of Norway. Yet, like a madman, surrendered to the SWAT team after this bloody massacre. If Breivik had wanted to expand, he would’ve fled the scene once he felt the time was right. His surrendering to authority can signify that the massacre was merely a warning, meaning Breivik, although suspected of being the “mastermind” of the twin attacks, is considered a “messenger” of a larger organization of terrorists.

Then again, these are completely speculations of mine, a mere individual with limited knowledge on the situation other than what the media has shown already.

…Or maybe I’m just influenced by the crime fictions I read recently. One or the other…or both.


Sunday 24 July, 2011: Two bullet trains of the CRH (Chinese Railway High-speed) crashed, causing at least 35 killed and 200+ injured. Once again, my condolences, this time to those who lost their relatives to such a devastating crash. After this incident, it’s safe to say that I don’t intend to trust China anytime soon. There are just so many corrupted companies in China that you wouldn’t be certain of whether or not the house you’re living or things you’re using are proven safe. Ever since the turnover, I’ve always had my doubts regarding China’s policy, laws, and products; the recent food and product scandals only strengthen my stance.

Update: Guess how the Chinese dealt with it? They decided to bury the train. Why not dispose the remaining survivors while you’re at it?! I suppose that according to their logic of dealing the situation, it would be illogical to leave the injured alive. Geez. Sometimes I really don’t get how they operate. Don’t you investigate the remains of the train to see what went wrong with the system in order to prevent future crashes like this as opposed to burying it like you’re attempting to cover up some secret? If they don’t intend to investigate it, why wouldn’t they weigh the possibility to sell the metal wreckage instead? In Canto, I call their way of thinking as “Y Y dei”, roughly meaning that they have some crazy-ass way of mental processing or something.


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