Instant Oats Drink

Walking along aisles of health products, you just can’t seem to take your pick. You contemplate on life’s biggest questions at that moment: which one’s more beneficial? which one’s good for me?

In certain cases (perhaps you and I) we think of the question:

Which one makes me skinnier quick and easy?

Let’s face it, things are hardly quick and easy when you want to enjoy substantial long term benefits. Yet as a young adult residing in Hong Kong, I constantly see advertisements and hear conversations shared between strangers dealing with the notion of slimming down fast to look attractive. Sure, it’s certainly acceptable to be conscious about your image and weight, but the thing is, people are going at great lengths just to be attractive. What they don’t seem to grasp is that no matter how attractive you are physically, if you’re not healthy, you won’t feel attractive. What I’m trying to say is, diet right. Not eating for a week just doesn’t work. Going to thousands of beauty therapies or whatever won’t help. Stories of successful people aren’t about their achievements. Rather, it’s about the 10,000 hours that come with it. So if you want something, you have to sweat for it.

You finally reach the end of the last aisle. You walk back to the Oatmeal section. Hesitantly, you take the box of instant oats drink from your cart and return it to its original place.You think to yourself:

Exercise a bit more and eat less crap will suffice.


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